American Walnut

Juglans nigra (Scientific name), also called black walnut is a large tree and can reach 30-40 m of heights.

Wood used in Furniture, interior woodwork, shipbuilding, musical instruments and decorative elements.

This wood is highly appreciated worldwide, for furniture, woodwork and specialized work in wall clocks and carved wood. This wood is very easy to use, with many waste. It is easy to work with either using machines or hand tools.

It grows throughout North America, and usually has a straight wire with striped heartwood of dark brown color and purplish hint. Overall, it is dried artificially, and as hardwood wood it is extremely light.

Hardness: moderate
Weight: slightly heavy (640Kg/m3)
Color: Dark brown with some lighter streaks that pale in purplish tone towards the edges

Type: hardwoods of the temperate zone Other names: American Black Walnut; Black Walnut
Alternatives: Oak and Brown

Origin: United States and Canada

Texture: Uniform, slightly more coarse
Wood grain: usually straight, but can be irregular

Main applications: Furniture, woodwork, clean carpentry (interior), shipbuilding, musical instruments and  decorative elements
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