European Oak

Quercus robur (Scientific name), also called French oak or white oak is a large tree that reaches 30 to 40 meters high and has a lifetime between 500 and 1000 years.

Wood used for manufacture of furniture, Interior woodwork, cooperage and shipbuilding.

The oak is famous for its non-uniform texture, well-marked woody rays and wavy wire. The oak wood is stiff, heavy and moisture resistant. It´s used in many ways such as furniture, barrels, shipbuilding, tools and crafts. The turners like it, because of the color and coarse texture (which dealt with sand jet allows you to achieve special effects). This wood is still widely used in civil construction, especially in joist hangers and flooring, as well as in exterior carpentry.

Weight: Moderately Heavy (720750 kg/m3)
Resistance: Very Good
Color: Light brown with golden streaks

Type: hardwoods of the temperate zone
Other names: French Oak

Alternatives: White Oak (Q. Alba ), American Oak (Q. rubra )

Origin: Europe

Texture: Rough. You can get yourself a fine texture with a wire brush or sand blasting.
Wood grain: Can be very wavy

Hardness: Hard

Drying and stability: Usually the drying is slow and natural. There is a great risk of cracking and cracks which will add to the degree of waste.
Degree of waste: Almost very high, with wide sapwood and wane edges.

Width of the parts: Good

The thickness of the parts: Good

Durability: Excellent, It can be used to build warships.

Application: Manufacture of furniture, Interior woodwork (stairs, doorframe and coatings), cooperage (barrels for aging the wine) and shipbuilding.

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