Castanea sativa (Scientific name), also called chestnut, chestnut and chestnut-bravo is a large tree reaching 20-30 meters high and one of the towering trees of our forest ecosystems.

wood for furniture, interior joinery, interior woodwork, flooring and interior decoration

The Chestnut is sometimes described as the oak of the poor man, because it is strong and durable. Is preferred to the chestnut tree in India, (Aesculus hippocastanum ), has no woody rays evident and the faces of the parts of ring lying look with the ash (Fraxinus escelsior). As it can be seen by the development of bark in the tree alive, the wire is straight or twisted, but contrary to what one might think, there is a tendency to interlock. The Chestnut is an excellent quality wood usually used in construction but also widely used in furniture and interior decorating, it holds great tradition value in the northern region of Portugal.

Weight: Medium, lighter than the oak (540 kg/m3)
Resistance: Moderate
the heart varies between color of straw and brown

Type: hardwoods of the temperate zone
Other names: Spanish Chestnut Tree (Europe) C. vesca
Similar species: American Chestnut Tree (C. dentata)
Alternatives: Oak (Quercus species), ash (Fraxinus sylvatica) ulmo (uimos hollandica and U. American)
Origin: Europe and part of Asia from Turkey
Texture: coarseness
Wood grain: it is usually straight but sometimes it is twisted
Hardness: Hard
Drying and stability: Subject to cracking from drying and splitting and in general is slow and difficult to dry. But once it is dry, it doesn ́t move very much.
Degree of waste: potentially high due to cracks and fissures of drying and other defects
Width of the parts: Good
Thicknesses of parts: Should be good, but this depends on the office of the wood.
Durability: relatively durable, but subject to the attack of some insects. It is not possible to treat the heartwood with preservatives.
Application: wood for furniture, interior joinery, interior woodwork, flooring and interior decoration.

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