Alnus glutinosa (Scientific name), also called common alder is a tree that often reaches a height 30 meters.

Wood used for utensils cables, toys, interior woodwork

The common alder is one of those versatile wood that is rarely used by those who work with wood as a hobby, or even by professional woodworkers.

It is used in mass production and in clean carpentry. It dries well, it´s stable and is neither strong nor weak. Although it is relatively easy to work with, it is necessary to maintain the cutting instruments well sharp to get a good profile or corner. It dyes well, and has good finish, but without great brightness. As a result, the tendency is to be used in utilities, especially turned articles, in that it allows good work with the wood lathe. The alder is not a very large tree, so that is why you do not get parts with good widths and there are warpage risks.

Weight: Medium (530Kg/m3)
Hardness: Moderated
Color: Creampale pink, sometimes almost white, other times light brown reddish

Type: hardwoods of the temperate zone
Other names: White Alder, Japanese Alder

Alternatives: A. Incana (Alder white)

Origin: Europe

Texture: thin and uniform
Wood grain: Straight

Main applications: Utensils cables, toys, interior woodwork
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